KT Athletic Tape Class Action Settlement up to $89.99 (no proof needed)

Posted: November 22, 2017 in Samples

Here is a class action settlement that is available for anyone who bought any type of KT Athletic Tape from 10/20/11 and 11/03/17. You will not have to provide any proof of purchase to be eligible so lost or discarded receipts are not a problem. The deadline for this payout is 5/16/2018 and the refund is up to $89.99. This is with no receipts.

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Visit the link below to claim your freebie.

The size of the refund depends on the price of the product that was purchased. With no receipt, you can claim 1 item to be partially refunded. With receipts, you can claim up to 5 items. Below you will find the list of all of the items which can be claimed, along with their prices.

  • KT Tape Original: $12.99
  • KT Tape Pro: $19.99
  • KT Tape ProX: $19.99
  • KT Tape Gentle: $21.99
  • KT Tape Pro Extreme: $21.99
  • KT Tape Olympic: $19.99
  • Limited Edition KT Tape: $21.99
  • KT Recovery + Recovery Patch (4 Count): $9.99
  • KT Recovery + Recovery Patch (6 Count): $14.99
  • KT Tape Flex (8 count): $15.99
  • KT Tape Flex (12 count): $19.99
  • KT Tape Recovery + Ice/Heat (regular): $44.99
  • KT Tape Recovery + Ice/Heat (with instant ice): $49.99
  • KT Tape Clinical Pro: $89.99
  • KT Tape Clinical Cotton: $69.99
  • KT Tape Edema: $69.99
  • KT Tape Grip: $12.99

Claim your refund on their settlement site.

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