Free Heart Shaped Picture Frame from Purina

Posted: February 14, 2020 in Samples


Thanks to the generous folks over at Purina, you can get your hands on this great new freebie. Get your hands on a free heart shaped picture frame thanks to their new customer rewards offer called My Rewards. Those of you who are interested in this freebie can claim it right on their site by following the simple instructions posted below. This sample will most likely take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive at your door. This offer will last as long as the company's supplies do.

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Never miss another freebie again!

Getting these points is VERY easy. Below you will find a list of ways to get a ton of points (more than enough to get the first reward) in just a few minutes. Once you get all the points you can you can select the reward that you want sent out to you.

  • Create a free My Rewards account right here. 10,000 points just for joining
  • Visit their activities page right here. This is where you will get the rest of the points.
  • Connect Twitter = 500
  • connect Facebook = 500
  • Follow them on Twitter = 500
  • Join their mailing list = 500
  • Leave Feedback = 250
  • Retweet a post = 100
  • Answer 12 questions about your cat = 1,200

You can also Enter in product codes to get a ton of points (please note: you can add 2 products a month):

Code 1 – 4,500:
Mfg. Code: 33361085
Mfg. Code: 2055L08

Code 2 – 2,500:
UPC: 17800-14843
Mfg code 1: 51811086
Mfg code 2: 0119L05

Code 3 – 4,750:
UPC: 17800-14500
MFG 1: 32281084
MFG 2: 0800L02

Code 4 – 5,500:
UPC: 17800-15604
MFG 1: 33361085
MFG 2: 2055L08

There are many freebies on their site. The one we are going for today are either the free heart shaped picture frame.

  • Heart Shaped Picture Frame – 15,000 points

The points might seem a little high but they are very easy to get.

That is a total of 30,800 points which is more than enough to get the free frame which costs 15,000 points. You can choose to get your freebie or save the points for a bigger prize.

Also, even though you can only add two codes per month. It resets on the 1st of each month. So this means that if you add the

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