New $16+ Dosh Bonus

Posted: August 14, 2019 in Freebies


Now through August 26, 20119, you can get $16 or more from Dosh. Signing up is totally free though you do have to download the app and link a credit card to get the bonus. They do not charge you anything. The services is completely free. All they do is give you bonuses when you use your card at certain stores, restaurants and more. This is a great app and the $5 freebie is pretty awesome. You can get your cash sent to you via Paypal or directly to your bank.

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Here are some of the benefits to the Dosh app:

  • Link your card to Dosh and get discounts and cash back bonuses when you spend money automatically.
  • Get a free $1 just for signing up.
  • Share your personal link and get an additional $15 for anyone who signs up through you. This means all you need to do is get a friend, family member, husband, wife or anyone to join for an extra $15.
  • There are no limits either. Get 2 friends to sign up that’s $30, 3 friends is $45.. ect…
  • Cash out easily through Paypal or directly to a bank account.

Here is how you get your free $16+ Bonus:

  • Visit them and download their free app. (must be on a smartphone)
  • Go through the steps to create a free account with them.
  • Link a credit card. (don’t worry they do not charge your card and there are 0 fees). They need you to link your card so that when you spend money, you get cash back automatically.

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